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Traditional Batt & Poly vs Alternative Insulating Methods

Batt & Poly vs PROPINK® FIBERGLAS Blown Insulation

Fiberglass insulation and Poly were the most common materials used in residential and commercial construction yet a lot has changed over the years.

Though very common in the past due to lack of technology and competitive materials, fiberglass insulation and Poly vapor barrier are steadily declining in construction. The advantages of better thermal performance, improved air sealing, and greater sustainability in competing products have contributed to the decline. However there's a new alternative to Batt & Poly; PROPINK® FIBERGLAS Blown Insulation. Perfect for both new and retrofit projects, the PROPINK® Wall Insulation System blows smoothly and quickly into any wall or ceiling cavity, providing complete compression and gap-free coverage.

A complete solution, PROPINK® Wall Insulation System includes PROPINK® FIBERGLAS Blown Insulation, PROPINK® Complete Nonwoven Fabric to keep it in place, the Inspect-R Density Gauge, application instructions and technical support. The system results in energy-efficient and comfortable homes.



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